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Laboratory equipment refers to any such tools, instruments, and equipment that the scientists need to perform various activities in a laboratory. Laboratory equipment must bear certain features so that scientists can make the most of their research and experimentation endeavors. For this, the science fraternity worldwide relies on the best and the most reliable laboratory equipment manufacturer, Atico Export. The demand for top-quality lab equipment from the most renowned laboratory equipment manufacturer, Atico Export, is increasing. The reasons for the increase in demand are 

  • Greater need for medical care. 
  • The need for continuous advances in medical sciences.  
  • With the rise of global health concerns, there is an increased need for diagnostic tools to help identify diseases and track outbreaks. Medical labs only rely upon top laboratory equipment manufacturers, and these are:
    • Atico Export
    • Educational Lab Equipment
    • Atico Lab Export 

These top laboratory equipment manufacturers have gained the trust to be the top laboratory equipment manufacturers for the following reasons:

Extensive focus on research and innovation

Research labs in various fields, especially medical, are putting in constant efforts to develop better medical drugs, equipment, and much more that are taking patient care and life expectancy to newer heights. It is the continuous innovation on the part of top laboratory equipment manufacturers to create such an advanced equipment range that is helping the medical fraternity to focus on extensive research and innovation and attracting and retaining the best talent. 

Offer The Most Competitive Rates 

Leading Laboratory Equipment supplier Atico Export has gained the trust of labs worldwide not only for the quality of the equipment they supply but also for the fairest of prices they offer. The top laboratory equipment supplier cares about serving the medical fraternity with the best equipment for more than just profits. They practice the fairest pricing policies where their 

esteemed customers get a fair deal without any hidden and overcharged costs. 

Unmatched Supply Chain & Logistics

Top laboratory equipment manufacturers focus on creating a solid network of distributors and suppliers worldwide. With years of experience in the industry, Laboratory Equipment suppliers provide the most efficient, cost-effective, and prompt deliveries of all sorts of laboratory equipment worldwide. The need of the hour demands the best medical drugs and products worldwide, and the top laboratory equipment exporters share the onus of exporting lab equipment with the smoothest supply chain management and logistics. 

ISO Certification

Labs need to source equipment from only the best Laboratory Equipment manufacturers whose equipment has ISO certification. The ISO certification guarantees the following:

  • Equipment is of the highest quality as it meets strict standards to be certified. 
  • The equipment has been adequately tested and approved for use in laboratories. 
  • When you purchase from these companies, you can be confident that you will receive excellent customer service. 

Laboratory Equipment List

Top manufacturers, the laboratory equipment suppliers, have a supplier division that supplies a distinct range of equipment from their list of laboratory equipment. It includes these and much 

more equipment:

Volumetric Glassware

Laboratory equipment suppliers supply volumetric glassware. As the name suggests, the volumetric glassware is needed to hold, and measure precise measurements of liquids. Though laboratory equipment suppliers supply volumetric glassware that is made with borosilicate glass, they are also made with plastic. Talk to the client service team and explore the various shapes and sizes that the entire range of volumetric glassware is available in. The most common type of volumetric glassware is the graduated cylinder. There are more glassware items used to measure volumes accurately. It includes:

  • Burettes, 
  • Pipettes, 
  • Droppers,
  • Volumetric flasks and 
  • Graduated cylinders

They are available in various sizes and with lab equipment suppliers at the best competitive rates. 

Storage glassware

The impermeable qualities of glass make it the ideal material for storing chemicals, varied solutions, and samples. The most common type of storage glassware is the beaker, a wide-mouthed vessel often used for holding liquids. Other common types of storage glassware include:

  • Flasks, 
  • Test tubes, 
  • Reagent Bottles
  • Vials and 
  • Graduated cylinders

Heating glassware

Various lab operations require heating, and for heating purposes, specialized heating lab glassware is manufactured by top laboratory equipment manufacturers. The heating glassware helps in with following:

  • Evaporate solvents or other volatile substances from a solution, leaving behind the solute.
  • Sterilization of equipment before use. 
  • Glassware such as crucibles can be heated to melt these solids for analysis. 
  • To separate mixtures from a solid to a liquid or a liquid to a gas. 

It includes the following glassware:

  • Bunsen burner
  • Hot plate
  • Heating mantle

Distillation glassware

For safe distillation operations, specific equipment is provided by lab glassware equipment exporters for the controlled heating and cooling of liquids. It helps to separate different compounds in a mixture based on their boiling point. Examples include:

  • Distillation flasks, 
  • Condensers, and 
  • Receiver flasks 

Specialized glassware

Specialized lab glassware is made with hand-blown 3.3 borosilicate glass for accurate and reliable experiments in a laboratory setting. This equipment helps researchers measure, mix, separate, and analyze substances with high precision and accuracy, which is essential for many scientific applications. The following equipment falls into this category:

  • Chromatography columns
  • Reaction flasks
  • NMR and gas sampling tubes

It is best to connect with the supply division for a detailed description of all kinds of specialized glassware. They shall provide you with product descriptions and the latest price offers. If you are looking for lab equipment from any country, the top manufacturers have separate export divisions. The laboratory equipment exporters ensure to provide the highest quality laboratory equipment most safely and securely. 

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