The Ultimate Guide to Jet Washing: Methods and Techniques

Jet washing utilizes powerful spray nozzles delivering high-pressure bursts that blast away dirt, mud, moss, algae, and debris from outdoor surfaces. Also called power washing, it effectively revitalizes dingy patios, walkways, driveways, decks, fences, garden statuary, and outdoor play equipment. This ultimate guide from jet wash specialists Vip Carpet Cleaning London covers common jet washing techniques and best practices for stunning outdoor refreshment.

Methods and Equipment

Jet washing success requires the right pressure balanced with the proper nozzle spray pattern for each cleaning task. Gasoline powered cold water pressure washers deliver the strongest cleaning force up to 4,000 PSI for industrial equipment cleaning jobs. Standard electric jet wash systems adequate for most residential projects range from 1,300 to 2,200 PSI.

Rotary nozzles provide aggressive scrubbing action in a circular spray pattern ideal for patio and walkway cleaning. The spinning jets pulverize caked-on mud and heavy grime buildup. Fan nozzles spread a wide pressurized blade of water for faster surface coverage suited to siding, fencing or driveway cleaning. Precision pencil point tips concentrate narrowly to etch into crevices and details.

Technique Basics

Always start by wetting down the area first with a light presoak before applying high pressure for best cleaning results. This softens hardened debris to avoid blowing soil across the yard or embedding grime deeper into the pores. Apply detergents or degreasers by hand before power washing when dealing with oily slick surfaces.

Work methodically in small sections slowly progressing across larger areas for maximum dirt lifting effectiveness from overlapping spray patterns. Extend ladders or equipment reach instead of overstretching from awkward unstable positions. Take the same care not to bring nozzle tips too close to fragile surfaces which can damage softer materials like wood decking and natural stonework.

Most importantly, practice ejecting spray jets away from the cleaning zone toward soil beds or gravel areas. This contains the filthy runoff while preventing redistribution back onto already cleaned sections or spreading mess wider across non-target zones like house siding.

Customize Your Approach Always consider the surface material and nature of soiling dictates specific pressure washing steps:

Concrete & Masonry Apply highest pressure levels to pulverize mud, mold, moss and mildew growing in porous concrete pores and brickwork mortar lines. Use thick foaming detergents to lift grease stains from garage floors and oily driveway spots.

Painted Wood & Vinyl

Turn pressure down lower to avoid stripping weathered exterior finishes or damaging softer sidings underneath. Fan nozzles spread wide coverage for fastest cleaning times. Fill cracks with painters caulk after revealing hidden flaws.

Wood Decks & Fences

Limit pressure under 1,500 PSI to avoid splintering soft deck boards or fence pickets. Scrub gently parallel to wood grain for boards and diagonally across lattice tops. Let dry fully before applying protective water sealants to clean porous wood.

Pool Decks & Patios

Scour away slippery organic moss and algae with algacides in jet wash cleaning solutions preventing reoccurrence. Hot pressure blasts open pores of concrete and pavers allowing fresh applications of sand between joints and resealing options for a full refreshed appearance that looks like new installs.

After the “Concrete & Masonry” section:

Natural Stonework Use extreme care when pressure washing delicate natural stone, limestone, and decorative concrete blocks. Excess pressure risks etching, cracking or eroding soft sedimentary rock. Mild soap solutions lift dirt without stripping away protective seals modern masons apply.

After the “Wood Decks & Fences” section:

Play Structures & Equipment Over time, outdoor playsets become haven for pollen, bird droppings and blown air particulates blending with greasy handprints and dirt. Choose a child-safe degreasing solution to cut through grimy buildup without harming tender skin. Avoid direct spraying of precision jet streams though to prevent damage from high-powered pressure.

After the “Pool Decks & Patios” section:

Outdoor Furniture Bring the deep cleaning benefits of jet washing to outdoor living spaces by tackling dingy chair and sofa fabrics, ceramic pottery, and the frames supporting each. Careful control prevents fragile damage to intricate materials while restoring the vibrant hues that enhance mood and relaxation for happier time spent outdoors.

Why Professional Support

Help Jet washing done incorrectly risks property damage or injury along with incomplete cleaning results. Vip Carpet Cleaning London’s fully insured specialists bring commercial grade hot pressure rigs paired with years of experience assessing the most effective methods based on your goals. Contact jet wash company London Vip Carpet Cleaning London for free quotes at 02080503535 to make your exteriors shine using the finest equipment and techniques!

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